Friday, 4 April 2014

Sexy Step-Milf Shames You into Sissy Inadequacy Panties

Your very sexy 'Step-MILF' Shames You into Sissy Inadequacy Panties

milf for sissy

"Your girlfriend told me how frustrated she is with you. As your step-MILF, I feel it's my job to make you into a man. I want you to show me what you've got. If you can't impress me with your manhood, I'm putting you into shame panties and I will begin training you to be a sissy servant for your girlfriend and me...see this and over 1000 more videos at

Friday, 21 March 2014

Nina's Sissy Slut Girls

Here's the latest from The English Mansion. This site has a huge archive of Sissy related material, and the scenes just get better and better.

sissy slut girls

Lady Nina is looking for some sexy entertainment from her beautiful trannys. She soon has them fondling and playing with each others hard cocks before they show off there oral skills as she directs and instructs them in the art of pleasuring....see more at The English Mansion

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mistress Morgan's Girlcock

Mmmmm i'm such a slut for Girlcock. And i love Mistress Morgan's Girlcock...i want it down my throat.

mistress morgan

C'mon, suck on it. Take it all the way down the back of your throat. All the way to the base, bitch. Fucking gag on it. I wanna hear you. Choke on my fucking cock. Keep choking on it for me. Good boy. Do you like the way my strap-on feels hitting the back of your throat. I fucking love watching you gag. The pathetic desperation in your watering eyes.

Awww are those tears running down your face? Poor little bitch. Keep sucking fool. Show me how much you love sucking my cock. Prove your worthiness. And if you do, I'll allow you to jerk your cock while you continue to suck and please my cock. But you better make sure you pay more attention to my cock because it's worth more than yours...see Mistress Morgan at Humiliation POV

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sniffing Her Panties - Goddess Lacie

Wife's sister catches you sniffing her panties? Mmmm this is very much a fantasy of mine also.

sniffing her panties


At a party at your Sister-in-Laws house, and She catches you in her panty drawer. Now you'll have to do anything for her. She covers your face with panties. She stuffs your mouth with her panties. If you don't do everything She says, she will tell her sister. She makes your dick hard. She sits on your panty covered face. She counts you down from 10 while She jerks you off in her panties.

She makes you cum in her panties and wear them out to the party to show everyone what a pervert you are, HER NEW PANTY BOY SLUT.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mistress Bijou - Teaches Sissy Bitch all about her Strap-on

Mistress Bijou is very rough with her sissy bitch as she makes her take the full length of her strap-on.

sissy bitch

Mistress Bijou has decided to teach sissy alice what it's like to be a true whore. Armed with her BIG BLACK strap-on, she bends alice over the spanking bench and prepares her asshole for a good sissy pounding. The kind that every sissy NEEDS. After ramming her lubed fingers up alice's asscunt, Mistress Bijou pushes in the black cock and begins the complete domination and brutalization of alice. The action gets so intense, they end up on the floor with Mistress Bijou fucking alice to a huge orgasm. Strap-on action doesn't get hotter than this!

Fuck your own ass with a dildo while watching to enhance the viewing enjoyment....see this wonderful clip and more at Club Stiletto

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bad Sissy Maid

This disobedient sissy maid is getting the full treatment from Fetish Liza, Lady Nina Birch & Mistress Sidonia. Sissy maids must always obey their Superiors, or expect a severe punishment.

bad sissy maid

Lady Nina's maid has not been as exemplary in service as hoped, so she is bent over the dinner table and punished by all three Mistresses. Her arse is then intruded with a big vibrator as Liza looks into her eyes, shaming the maid. Mistress Sidonia then puts her in bondage and the 3 beautiful ladies tease her big clittly until she can hold off no more...see more here

Monday, 20 January 2014

Goddess Amadahy - You Want Your Dick Made Smaller?

So you want your dick to be made smaller? Wait until Goddess Amadahy finds out about this....

amadahy small penis

So I was recently browsing through the members forum of HumiliationPOV when I came across a topic named, "Can I Make My Penis Smaller?" LOL! Are you fucking serious? You want it smaller? Who the fuck would want a smaller penis? You want to figure out how you can make your three inch micro dick even smaller! Are you stupid? What is wrong with you? Do you want it so small that it resembles a clit?

I hope you understand how fucking screwed up in the head you are. Most every guy wants a Bigger dick! But not you, you want the tiniest dick imaginable so you can tuck it away in some cute panties. You want to know if there is a cream or an injection or something you can do to make it smaller! That is just so fucked up! You are pathetic!...see this clip and much more at Humiliation POV